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I have WHAT?

6/20/2016: The Day the Earth Stood Still (for me). The day my internist called to tell me “It’s bad. Really bad.” Ovarian Cancer. Further testing revealed it to be the worst: stage 4. Meaning it wasn’t just throughout my abdomen and bowels, but it had migrated to lymph nodes around my heart and chest. The […]

It’s Early December, But It’s Also Time To Train For Spring Marathons!

The recommended training time line when you’re looking at getting ready to run a marathon, half or full is between 10-12 weeks for a ½ marathon and approx. 16 weeks for a full marathon. So depending on what event you have your sights set on to compete in, you really don’t have much time, especially […]

Will You Be Watching The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade?

How About Turning Off The TV, And Get Active Before That Big Holiday Meal! Something that you may not be aware of but this time of year, Thanksgiving I mean, is a runners glory days, when we can pick and choose from a wide variety of events, since at this time of year the most […]